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Getting ready for your big trip? Use this sample packing list for Bali to get ideas for what you should bring to Indonesia’s most popular island.

The Things:

Shirts and shorts (again, don’t pack too much. Pack stuff for a week and simply bring it to the laundry.)

Fleece jacket / Hoodie  – for trekking, it might get chilly in the mountains

Sports clothes  – for some hiking or morning yoga

Weather resistant jacket  – this will be essential for the rainy season in Bali. You can also buy raincapes in Bali for little money.

Trekking/sports shoes  – Make sure they have a grip if you go mountain climbing

Nice shirt and long pants/pretty dress  – For the fancy clubs in Seminyak only

Swimmers/swimsuit x 2 – Bali is an island. Chances are you will either be swimming at the beach or swimming in a pool, and if you intend to do this daily, pack two swimsuits. Otherwise one is fine because it will dry pretty quickly

Flip Flops/Thongs – That perfect for the beach , but if your suitcase overload of your clothes, you can directly buy it in Bali, a lot of store sells this kind of flip flops with friendly price

Chargers for all items (including adapter) – sometimes you can use the same connections/chargers for multiple items so check this out before you go packing everything

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